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CoreStack Releases FinOps, SecOps, and CloudOps Governance Solutions on Google Cloud

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The global leader in cloud governance, CoreStack recently announced the launch of three powerful cloud governance offerings FinOps, SecOps, and CloudOps on Google Cloud to enhance cost optimization, security, and operational efficiencies for businesses.

These offerings were built in conjunction with Google from the start to enable enterprises to unlock the power of the cloud. Cloud customers can unlock the power of the cloud on their schedule via CoreStack’s AI-powered Continuous and Autonomous Governance Solutions

The following are some of the ways CoreStack solutions provide value to enterprises:

  • By using CoreStack FinOps’s cloud spend analysis system, users can see both an overall organization-wide view and detailed reports for accounts, subscriptions, departments, tags, regions, and applications. Through identification of cost drivers and resource utilization, companies can target inefficient cloud resources and identify budgetary guardrails, as well as establish accountability via chargebacks to respective departments or user groups resulting in cost savings.
  • CoreStack SecOps is a technology that enables continuous cloud security, providing visibility into threats and vulnerabilities across departments, locations, resources, types, and ages. It also offers compliance checks related to industry standards, protocols, and best practices, such as ISO27001, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and CIS.
  • Through CoreStack CloudOps, enterprises can be unified and comprehensively view cloud operational metrics within a single platform. This solution uses Machine Learning algorithms to predict future workload performance, identify trends in vital cloud metrics, such as rent and budget overruns, and optimize threshold levels for various alerts.

Manvinder Singh, Director, IaaS/PaaS Partnerships, Google Cloud, said, “Organizations today require cloud solutions that enable security and data governance at scale. We’re pleased to have CoreStack’s solutions available on Google Cloud and provide our customers with the technologies that help them get the most from their cloud investments.”

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