has announced the availability of new solutions that improve the speed, accuracy, and usability of document processing for the most difficult business documents, emails, and attachments.

Thomas Reinemer, COO at, said, “While many companies are selling NLU platforms that require months of implementation effort or off-the-shelf solutions that cannot be easily customized for challenging use cases with unstructured content, businesses are looking for solutions that deliver quick results, while meeting their specific requirements. So, we’ve built IDP solutions that are easy to customize and quick to implement in an enterprise environment, while achieving unmatched levels of accuracy when processing unstructured text.”

Numerous providers deliver intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions. Most people concentrate on organized materials like forms or semi-structured documents like invoices. The capacity of to deal with unstructured documents such as contracts, insurance policies, proposals, leases, emails with attachments, social network posts, and so on with high accuracy and speed is what distinguishes it. It’s because of’s semantic technology, which is built on a novel approach to NLU known as Semantic Folding. The technique is highly accurate since it understands the meaning of the text and can be trained to match a company’s specific demands with hardly any dataset.

The Semantic Folding technique from is a huge help for any company that has to process thousands of inbound documents, emails, or files each year. For example, insurance carriers and brokers can evaluate, extract, and compare data from documents such as policies and claims automatically, reducing quotation time and enhancing responsiveness. Other industries, such as management consulting, business process outsourcing, and finance, have enjoyed significant benefits, such as time savings and improved operational efficiencies. Organizations that need to examine and extract information, and/or route a high number of incoming communications or unstructured documents, have the most benefit from a horizontal market perspective.