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Creative Virtual and SMG Collaborates to Enhance Digital Customer Experience

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Creative Virtual, a conversational artificial intelligence (AI) leader, has entered a partnership with an enterprise experience management company, Service Management Group (SMG), to deliver improved customer experience with dynamic assistance. SMG revolutionizes the way organizations act on customer and employee insights and helps them improve contact center experience for customers. Creative Virtual integrates AI into IT services and consulting solutions to provide personalized digital customer experience.

Creative Virtual’s V-Person™ conversational AI technology, live chat solutions and chatbots aim at helping organizations enhance their support experience and build customer loyalty. With this collaboration, Creative Virtual intends to integrate their technologies with SMG’s software with a service solution (SwaS) to drive business objectives and improve their conversation rate with real-time support. Creative Virtual’s V-Person™ technology allows maximized integration and customization options for enabling enhanced communication between customers and employees at a reduced cost.

Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO of Creative Virtual, said, “We are excited to be partnering with SMG on this powerful new capability. Dynamic assistance enables brands to leverage the flexibility of V-Person conversational AI to provide instant, contextual support at the exact moment help is needed. This can turn a possible purchase-ending issue into a positive experience and completed sale.”

Following this integration, dynamic assistance combined with digital experience solution would allow brands to map customers to personalized chatbots and fix obstacles as and when they come during online purchases in order to deliver improved customer experience. The integration of natural language processing (NPL), machine learning (ML) algorithms, self-service experience, and instant customized support with digital experience solutions would help organizations to resolve customer queries and address issues in real-time and enhance customer engagement.

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