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Critical Gap in Market Research and Influencer Attribution Bridges With Silhouette

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To bridge the gap between market research programs and influencer attribution, StatSocial has introduced the latest version of Silhouette, a social audience insight platform. Researchers and marketers can now utilize the potential of social audiences and easily integrate them into their market research and marketing programs with new features.

StatSocial’s position as social audience insights platform for market research is strengthened further by this news. Silhouette’s Identity Graph, which maps 1.3 billion social profiles to 300 million verified identities, allows businesses to target specialized populations, create on-demand surveys, and enhance insights with social affinity data.

Heather Hughes, VP of Connected Data at Cint, says “StatSocial is revolutionizing the industry by bridging this historical gap between social audiences and market research programs. Their social affinity data is enabling our clients to run highly targeted studies that otherwise would not have been possible.”

According to StatSocial CEO David Barker, “Silhouette’s rich database of profiling criteria provides researchers with the ability to pre-screen their audience prior to kicking off a campaign, drastically reducing costs. And within minutes, they can deliver a custom audience to any third-party system for on-the-fly recruitment to support their initiative.”

Silhouette’s latest version changes the way companies evaluate their influencer and social media efforts. Marketers may go beyond simple engagement analytics and assess the ROI impact of their ads by identifying the audiences engaged with specific social content.

Barker added, “While market research has been a huge focus for us leading up to this launch, it is also an exciting time for the influencer marketing industry. Over the past decade we have seen an explosion in word-of-mouth and influencer marketing, yet there has been no way to prove the effectiveness of these campaigns. Silhouette’s identity mapping capabilities finally give marketing professionals the ability to overlay social audiences with purchase data to attribute value to their programs. And with new self-serve features and UI updates, our clients have all the control to do so in a matter of clicks.”

Silhouette’s latest features include the ability to create unique audiences and integrate directly with global market research panels. It also provides real-time taxonomy updates for creating and analyzing bespoke audiences at scale, as well as the possible impact of changes to advertising formats.

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