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CROSSMARK Unveils Accelerator – New Advanced Analytics Platform

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A leading sales and marketing services agency, CROSSMARK announces the launch of Accelerator, a revolutionary data analysis platform for the CPG industry. As part of the project, IBM, Microsoft, and other leading technology companies worked together to build a platform that combines one of the broadest data sets in the CPG field with best-in-class analytics power to enable intuitive analytics to drive smarter sales and faster growth.

CROSSMARK CEO, Chris Moye, stated, “We live in a world that is constantly creating more data. CPG operators have access to detailed information about virtually every transaction in supermarkets, drug stores, and mass merchants—however, the sheer volume of this data makes it challenging to sift through and find the important insights. Accelerator tackles that problem head-on with a design that weaves together different information sources to discover distinguishing insights and then recommends the best course of action. The platform is built to evolve over time by leveraging machine learning (AI) capabilities and ingesting new data sources. “Clients deserve the power of artificial intelligence and an advanced data platform to make sense of a big data world. And CROSSMARK delivers just that with Accelerator.”

CROSSMARK Sales Agency President Jami McDermid said, “Importantly, CROSSMARK has invested in their people to build new analytical and presentation skills. All Sales and Insights associates have completed a rigorous training curriculum in the CROSSMARK Way. Combining instruction in selling, insights, category management, and eCommerce, the CROSSMARK Way creates a set of standards so that clients and customers experience a consistent and professional approach that delivers better business outcomes. Our value proposition has always been people, tools, and training. The combination of Accelerator and the CROSSMARK Way empowers our people to sell smarter and deliver faster growth to those we serve.”

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