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Crowd Content Media Acquires Content Refined

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High-quality content provider Crowd Content Media has completed the purchase of a content marketing platform that helps organizations in scaling content, Content Refined along with its subsidiary Rocket Content AI. Crowd Content’s strong effort to gain market dominance and extend its product offerings to include content planning, SEO services, and artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions coincide with this development.

“Content marketing is an increasingly competitive landscape that remains a necessary investment for businesses to establish their brands and expand their customer bases. “We’re solving the challenges that businesses face with content production by building an all-in-one content solution focused on guiding companies on their journey from content strategy through publication. Acquiring Content Refined and Rocket Content AI pushes us closer to achieving this goal,” said Carlos Meza, CEO of Crowd Content.

Crowd Content’s in-house content managers and freelance writers, editors, subject matter experts, and translators have helped over 6,000 companies, including Best Buy, Semrush, Walmart, and Indeed, complete high-volume content projects that were practically hard to accomplish internally.

“Businesses that invest in their content strategies stand out from their competition and see their profits grow. It’s Content Refined’s passion to facilitate these investments for business owners and content managers, and Crowd Content’s commitment to providing scalable content solutions for businesses perfectly complements these values,” stated, Content Refined General Manager Narcis Bejtic.

Crowd Content’s growth from pure content writing to a genuine one-stop content solution is aided by Content Refined’s focus on content strategy and publication, as well as Rocket Content AI’s revolutionary AI technology. A wide set of resources can now be utilized by Crowd Content Media through the acquisition which provided better service to the extensive cloud base and helping them in attaining growth.

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