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CryptoHero Releases Trade-To-Earn Crypto Bots Marketplace

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CryptoHero‘s developer, Novum Global Ventures, has announced the launch of a Bot Marketplace. Experienced crypto traders can lease their crypto trading bots to others on the Marketplace to earn an extra income. Trading platforms charge traders 20% as subscription fees for their services.

Christopher Low, CEO, and founder of CryptoHero stated, “Our revolutionary Bots Marketplace caters to both experienced and new users. For the experienced users who are already profiting from their well-configured bots, they can now earn additional revenue by leasing out their bots to other users. For the new users, the Bots Marketplace solved one of their greatest dilemma – what settings are good for a trading bot to be profitable.”

The Bots Marketplace is also an excellent resource for users new to automated trading as they can select bots that have already proven to work in the real world of trading.

Novum Global Ventures is a Singapore-based firm with offices all around Southeast Asia. It invests in cutting-edge blockchain firms and is the creator of CryptoHero, a popular crypto trading bot program. CryptoHero was released in early 2021 and has received a lot of positive feedback from its users all across the world. Its founding team comprises digital asset fund managers with years of experience.

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