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CTV Turns to ShowHeroes Group For Industry-leading Audience Targeting Solution

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ShowHeroes Group, a leading independent provider of digital video solutions, has added a new feature to SemanticHero for CTV, which will unlock new opportunities for digital content creators and players.

Ilhan Zengin, founder and CEO of ShowHeroes Group, said, “CTV is premium, high-performing inventory, so it is very valuable for brands. However, the ability to target within this environment has previously not been possible. With exciting new formats for the big screen emerging, SemanticHero for CTV provides buyers and publishers with the deep machine learning they need to target with precision and helps publishers to monetize content with an incisive, durable approach. By bringing our ground-breaking tech to CTV, we hope to spark a wave of fresh innovation across the digital ad space.”

The ShowHeroes Group’s SemanticHero for CTV platform enhances the ability to target based on semantics and contextual information across lucrative CTV inventory. With its AI-powered approach, CTV content is fully understood through a combination of metadata and EPG data.

By using ShowHeroes Group’s advanced technology, CTV advertisers and publishers can deliver campaigns more efficiently and monetize content more effectively, reducing inventory waste as well as ensuring ads appear in the most relevant and brand-safe environments.

CTV can leverage semantics with SemanticHero. The software provides publishers with direct access to a larger number of data sources, including EPG data, video metadata, and keyword analysis. It is then extracted into the semantic database of ShowHeroes Group. By identifying the semantic concepts and sentiment within the content, the context can be understood in-depth. Based on these insights, CTV ads are tailored to target positive, relevant content to brands accurately. A brand could advertise its electric car range along with premium content regarding automotive, sustainability, or green technology.

Sarah Lewis, Global Director CTV at ShowHeroes Group, said, “This is a huge moment in the evolution of ShowHeroes Group’s products, and it speaks to the scope of our semantic intelligence. Research shows that 65% of CTV viewers want advertising that is relevant for them – specifically, they show that they’re watching. SemanticHero for CTV allows this proficiency, enabling advertisers to target exactly the right context for their brand, going far beyond what’s possible with other solutions. Marketers can use it to surface their ads in the most contextually relevant environments possible, for impactful and scalable CTV campaigns. Accessing premium CTV inventory in this smart and efficient way has never been easier.”

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