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CWT Announce the Launch of New CX Platform

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CWT recently launched a new customer experience (CX) platform. This solution shows the customer’s current location, travel policies, trip history, as well as channels – all using a consumer-grade service screen.

John Pelant, EVP Chief Technology Officer, CWT, said, “Having made significant investments in customer channels and data to date, we needed a solution that could operationalize these insights, simplify our existing CX applications & tools, and provide our customers with the most personal and relevant actions at each stage of their journey. Our new CX platform does just that, with one view of the traveler’s journey across all channels, allowing for more dynamic customer conversations.”

With the combination of internal data, such as historical bookings, travel policies, channel preferences, personal preferences, contact histories, etc. with Data from real-time interaction (online search history, bookings in progress, real-time travel information, etc), CWT will prioritize the streamlined use of email, telephony, and messaging channels this year, and the integration of all other channels later next year.

Niklas Andreen, President & Chief Operating Officer, CWT, said, “With customers’ expectations at an all-time high as a result of the pandemic, the need for more personalized content as well as streamlined and concise interactions each and every time customers engaged with us, regardless of channel, became apparent.”

Among the key improvements expected are:

Email: Inbound email management will become more efficient with the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), allowing the intent and language of each incoming email to be detected. This makes it possible to prioritize requests based on deadlines or urgency and field them accordingly to the most qualified counselor based on their native language and expertise.

Telephony: Customer information such as contact, travel, preferences, and policies are integrated into one consumer-grade screen, so counselors can engage customers in truly informed and personalized conversations at every point in the conversation.

CWT messaging: The blend of a chatbot and counselor will be used to categorize, prioritize, and answer customer queries.


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