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CXera Announces Integration with Slack to Enhance Customer Success

CXera Announces Integration with Slack
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CXera, a SaaS firm that generates digital microsites to enhance customer experience, announced its integration with Slack, a messaging application specifically designed for business. This integration would allow users to create an Experience Microsite through purpose-built templates that focuses on vital use cases like customer onboarding and renewals, problem resolution, new product launch events and more. All such features are designed to increase customer engagement and to improve customer experience.

Slack allows its users to understand customer behavior through a set of digital actions. Following this integration, detailed analytics of each customer’s microsite behavior (streamed on a Slack channel) would be available to all users to enable customer success. Digital Experience Microsites help users communicate and collaborate efficiently and, with this integration, CXera would be able to provide secured and personalized customer-facing microsites to its users.

Mark Tasseel, CTO of CXera, said, “Slack is a search-first environment that enables reuse and collaboration across the organization. CXera extends this approach with customer-facing microsites that serve as a presentation layer with features to improve the customer experience.”

“CXera for Slack is a great way to further enhance the value of the Slack digital-first ecosystem, even with external partners and customers on shared channels”, added Mark.

Integration of CXera with Slack would allow organizations to increase customer engagement through checklists and welcome kits, share and track files in a secure manner, create microsites in just a few clicks, identify target audience and promote targeted campaigns, collaborate with employees and customers, and take actions on targeted feedbacks. CXera with Slack would revolutionize the way organizations communicate and, in the process, it would enhance customer satisfaction.

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