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CyberRes Announces Voltage SecureData Integration with Amazon Macie

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A new Voltage SecureData integration has been announced by Micro Focus’ CyberRes. As a result of these new data integration initiatives, Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers will be able to automate their data-centric protection process, including discovery, classification, and remediation. Keeping data privacy and protection regulations at the forefront while minimizing risk exposure.

Sid Dutta, CyberRes’ senior data security product executive, says identifying and protecting sensitive data at scale is becoming increasingly complex, costly, and time-consuming. In addition, differently staged data lifecycles are typically managed in different parts of the information lifecycle.

He added, “With the new Voltage SecureData integration with Amazon Macie, AWS customers are offered an automated end-to-end data-centric protection mechanism that can minimize the possibility of incidents escalating into breaches.”

CyberRes reports that Voltage SecureData has expanded its Amazon Web Services capabilities to ensure that enterprises can maintain data protection while moving their data to the cloud. By integrating Voltage SecureData with Amazon Macie, the company claims to be able to immediately protect sensitive data.

Currently, storage services, server-side encryption, and perimeter security controls are heavily reliant on data configuration. It can lead to a series of unanticipated errors and incidents, which could compromise sensitive data.

CyberRes business manager, ANZ data security, Toni Manzoni, said, “Data security is fast-growing. Organizations are looking to become agile, launching new services and applications to meet the consumer’s demand while at the same time needing to make sure that the data, they manage is secure.”

Manzoni continued, “From this perspective, we are excited by the Voltage SecureData integration with Amazon Macie. Organizations can now minimize the risk of data breaches, and information protected by Voltage SecureData complies with all regulations around data protection, including GDPR, and in the context of Australia, The Privacy Act 1988.”

In high-risk, high-threat environments, Voltage SecureData offers a comprehensive data protection platform without exposing live information, according to CyberRes.

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