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Data.ai Debuts an Innovative Solution to Illuminate the Digital Landscape

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Data.ai (formerly App Annie), a leader in unified data analytics, announced today the launch of two products that give organizations a strategic advantage by illuminating the digital landscape, identifying new opportunities, and maximizing growth. As a result of the addition of App IQ and IAP SKU (In-App Purchase SKU), effective consumer strategies can be developed.

Ketaki Rao, Chief Product Officer, data.ai., commented, “After tremendous adoption of our first industry product from the IQ product line, Game IQ, we are excited to offer App IQ and IAP SKU to our customers. We will continue to out-innovate our competition with advanced AI capabilities.”

Engagement with consumers where they spend the majority of their time – on mobile – is essential for digital success. The problem is that app store categories for mobile apps are antiquated, so enterprise teams are forced to spend precious time researching and analyzing competitors.

App IQ combines both app stores into a robust, industry-first taxonomy (19 genres / 152 subgenres) that illuminates the digital landscape. Businesses are better equipped to identify new partnerships, threats, and opportunities as the landscape change rapidly. In addition, product teams can effectively prioritize proven capabilities to optimize consumer engagement with the help of granular competitor insight.


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