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Data-analytics Platform Zash Teams up with Binance to Introduce NFT Data Products

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A UK-based NFT analytics platform, Zash has partnered with Binance, a leading crypto exchange, to launch its enterprise data products to service the NFT market that is growing rapidly. With Zash, data-informed decisions can be made on-chain and on social networks. Binance will be able to unleash the power of NFT data with Zash’s multi-chain NFT data product.

A new generation of NFTs has evolved beyond digital art. Brands and creators are experimenting with this new asset class, finding new ways to reach communities, enhance marketing strategies, and synthesize revenue streams. There are a variety of industries finding a use for the newfound technology, including music, entertainment, sports, events, and fashion.

With its multi-chain NFT API, Zash aims to turn convoluted transactions into valuable insights through blockchain middleware. With Zash, users can keep track of long addresses, convoluted transactions on chains, and fragmented social media data presented in an easy-to-digest format, making informed decisions based on good reasoning.

Since the beginning of 2022, Zash has worked closely with Binance. Additionally, the team is in the process of extending the reach of its data product offerings with other major exchanges, marketplaces, and collections. As it expands into new verticals, it will include a variety of new features, including community mapping and predictive intelligence.

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