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Data Apps from Domo Enhances User Experience

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Cloud software firm Domo recently announced the launch of Data Apps, which is built on the Domo platform. The new low-code data tool will help those clients who are leveraging the traditional business intelligence and analytics service by delivering data-driven decisions and actions.

John Mellor, Domo CEO, stated “It is time for organizations to move beyond thinking of data as charts and graphs and towards adopting customized intelligent apps that not only deliver insights but drive action and support the needs of workers right where the work gets done. Our focus with Data Apps is supporting the white spaces in organizations where traditional BI and enterprise software applications like CRM and ERP have traditionally not reached. We’re making it easy for customers to put data to work for everyone by leveraging Domo as a low-code data app platform to build apps and improve business processes and outcomes everywhere work gets done.”

Data App is a customized standalone experience on a mobile device that integrates data, analytics, and workflows. It can also be incorporated within existing applications and processes where work is already being done. Data Apps which is designed in a user-friendly manner that individuals can obtain specific business outcomes through optimal decision-making and actions which are guided by data.

Data apps can easily make use of data from current systems including data warehouses, data lakes, etc. using enhanced data integration capabilities which are backed by more than 1000 native connectors built and managed by Domo. These developments have resulted in the quicker delivery of business value within days.

Four solution accelerators were introduced by Domo to support the business process which is hard to solve. The process of data integration, analytics, and distribution purposes for customers in retail, consumer packaged goods (CPG), and financial services are done by accelerators by making fuller utilization of the Domo platform.

Retail Store Performance and Operations solution is a mobile app that is made in focus to enhance the customer experience and sales and margin store performances. Retail-Vendor Brand Performance & Insight Sharing is a solution that helps to enhance business growth for retailers and business partners by instantly collaborating sales data, inventory, and market data. Supply Chain Collaboration and Operations enables manufacturing, retail, and logistics personnel to work together to increase supply chain visibility and efficiency while lowering costs. Banking Customer Profitability and Behavior Analytics provides insights into the customer preferences for financial services organizations which helps to maintain customer relationships.

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