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Data Planning Tools and Templates From mParticle to Help Marketers

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An independent Customer Data Platform (CDP), mParticle, has released new Data Planning tools and best practices so that marketers, developers, and product managers can maximize the benefits of customer data by simplifying data plan implementation, and by mitigating dirty data.

Chee Chew, CPO of mParticle, said, “The old adage for data of ‘garbage in, garbage out has only increased as more companies attempt to realize the value of their data. mParticle’s Data Plans enable companies to trust their customer data, build rich profiles and personalize customer experiences.”

In addition to mitigating bad data early, mParticle’s Data Planning tools help businesses set expectations, manage changes, and collaborate among key stakeholders in order to achieve better business results and scale the organization.

It gives marketers and product managers a better view of their marketing, while engineers have fewer schema errors in their code thanks to mParticle’s tools. mParticle’s Data Planning makes marketing campaigns, personalization, product analytics, machine learning (ML), and other downstream applications more effective by making data more reliable and actionable.

The development of data plans helps marketers and developers complete data-related tasks while promoting cross-organization collaboration and minimizing data. Data Planning within mParticle offers several capabilities, including:

  • Data Planning – Data planning enables marketers, product managers, developers, and analysts to define the customer data that the business needs. With mParticle, a data quality plan can be built that alleviates data quality concerns in downstream systems that data consumers i.e., marketers rely on, such as Amplitude, Braze, Snowflake, and more.
  • Data Validation – Data validation resolves data quality issues in real-time, making it possible to track conformance to data plans by monitoring data quality in real-time. mParticle can be implemented in less time and saves developer hours. All stakeholders can be more confident that the data is accurate with mParticle.
  • An accurate data activation strategy – Marketers must know which attributes belong to each event in their data set, and what those attributes mean in order to create compelling customer experiences and optimize spend.

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