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Databricks and Arcion to Provide Real-time Data Replication on the Lakehouse

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Databricks and Arcion have announced a partnership to offer the world’s first cloud-native, CDC-based data replication platform to the company. Through Databricks’ new Partner Connect program, Arcion is the first partner to offer preconfigured, tested data replication for Databricks users.

Arcion’s CEO Gary Hagmueller, said, “Through Partner Connect, Arcion and Databricks are deepening our thriving relationship and working together to deliver a unified experience for our customers that offers simplicity, security, rock-solid reliability, and scale. Companies across the globe are using ML and advanced analytics to turn raw data into tangible business value, but they need the right tools to help them get there. Arcion helps companies unify their data by delivering it to Databricks, where everything is available in one place, with zero delay.”

Arcion’s offering enables organizations to integrate mission-critical transactional systems with their Databricks Lakehouse in real-time, at scale, and with guaranteed transactional integrity, enabling quicker, more agile analytics and AI/ML. It is the only fully managed, distributed data replication as a service on the market today, with change data capture (CDC) pipelines that can be installed in minutes and require no code. It enables data teams to migrate large amounts of data from transactional databases such as Oracle and MySQL without writing a single line of code.

Customers can use Partner Connect to integrate Arcion’s technology straight into their Databricks Lakehouse. Partner Connect configures the resources needed to start using streaming data pipelines with only a few clicks. With sophisticated pipelines connecting Oracle, MySQL, and Snowflake (with more sources coming soon) to the Databricks Lakehouse, you can get real-time data input.

CDC is used by Arcion Cloud to detect and track data changes in transactional systems, whether they are on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. Any modifications made to those systems are detected by Arcion and replicated in real-time to Databricks. Arcion is capable of supporting petabyte-scale integration and can readily handle huge transaction volumes without compromising the performance of the source system.

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