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Datamatics Summit Emphasises Intelligent Automation as the Key in Enabling Business Transformation

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Datamatics just completed their much-awaited virtual ‘Global Intelligent Automation Summit 2021’. The summit and the related events were eagerly looked forward to with much anticipation (and rightly so if I may add!). Despite the pandemic, Datamatics has stood their ground and performed well on multiple playing fields including (but not limited to) – key technology offerings, advancements in the existing offerings, multiple & variety of use cases being continuously added in their kitty, and technology differentiators on the variety of platforms and solutions they offer, amongst others. From Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, the summit was attended by Apoorva Dawalbhakta (Senior Analyst) and Piyush Dewangan (Director – Research and User Consulting).

The event was kicked off by the CEO of Datamatics – Mr. Rahul Kanodia, who provided his opening remarks highlighting how digital transformation models are taking over the world and changing the path for business processes globally. Following this was the keynote address by – Phil Fersht (CEO & Chief Analyst, HFS Research), which was one of the highlights of the day where-in he talked mainly about – industry trends in Intelligent Automation, increasing the outsourcing ability without adding physical workers, the importance of going native including – piecemeal automation, intelligent automation, & native automation, and the importance of automation ‘have-to-have’s’ versus progress – showing that process reinvention is the biggest pain point, amongst others.

Post this, the vision and strategy of the Datamatics Intelligent Automation Platform were discussed at length by Shashi Bhargava and Sanjeet Banerji who mainly threw light on the key trends and customer requirements that drive the intelligent automation systems ahead. Additionally, snippets and working details in terms of the key differentiating parameters for Datamatics’ IDP, RPA, AI & ML offerings were also presented at length, providing a thorough idea as to how Datamatics is focussing heavily on improving its technology offerings continuously. Moving ahead, Ulhas Kulkarni (SVP – Process Automation & RPA, Datamatics) presented Datamatics’ hyper automation portfolio, and how it greatly helps in hyper automation implementation.

Customer success stories and successful use cases are solid proofs of the efficacy of the company’s offering, and in that regard, senior heads of companies including Ryder System, Mullen Lowe Lintas, and the Adani Group, amongst others, presented their individual experiences and key learnings, in addition to the success they have achieved making use of the intelligent automation products by Datamatics. A multi-panel discussion comprising of business leaders from different esteemed institutions and organizations is always an enriching experience since it brings some of the sharpest minds in the industry under one umbrella. In this sense – the one on the ‘Future of Automation’ pondering over the forces that drive changes in the IA market, prodding over the real-life insights and critical adoption trends was a delight to attend. Leading senior professionals from Datamatics, System Soft Technologies, BizXL Solutions, and Acronotics, amongst others, participated in this discussion. Another panel discussion on ‘Automation Scalability and the Associated Key Learnings’ also caught the people’s eye, with topics like – key challenges in scaling automation, good practices for ensuring automation to stay on track, and the role of center of excellence, being discussed by the senior management of RPATech, Larsen & Toubro Technology Services, Union Bank of India and Datamatics, amongst others.

A fruitful and exclusive ‘QnA’ session involving Rahul Kanodia (CEO, Datamatics), Mitul Mehta (CMO, Datamatics), Shashi Bhargava (EVP & Head – Solutions Group, Datamatics), Sanjeet Banerji (EVP & Head – AI & Cognitive Sciences, Datamatics), Sudeshna Mukherjee (Lead Manager – Analyst Relations, Datamatics), amongst others, and leading analysts & industry experts, really helped in creating a clear and open dialogue, and project Datamatics’ vision and technological outlook to the present gathering. It was also attended by Piyush Dewangan and Apoorva Dawalbhakta from Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, where-in both of them thoroughly enjoyed the interactive QnA by Rahul and his team. Here-in, Rahul shared his vision on intelligent automation and how Datamatics is following an ecosystem of a mutually rewarding partnership strategy, along with an especially strong focus and bend towards in-depth R&D, to offer innovative products and services. He also emphasized how Datamatics’ strength in providing intelligent automation services is acting as a key enabler in accelerating project execution and management for key intelligent automation implementation initiatives involving technologies including – RPA, IDP, Process Mining, Business Process Management, and Artificial Intelligence, amongst others.

The event concluded with celebrating the excellence in automation by awarding the ‘Innovative Customer Implementations’ for Datamatics’ IA product solutions to customers from various industry verticals, followed by the closing remarks by CEO Rahul Kanodia, bringing down the curtain on what was truly a smashingly successful and engaging event to attend.

About the Author

Apoorva Dawalbhakta, is working as a Senior Analyst with Quadrant Knowledge Solutions. He tracks the global markets in different domains including Data Analytics & AI, IT Networking, and Enterprise Software, amongst others. He is working individually on consulting and research projects, and also heads a team of analysts for these domains. He has upward of 7 years of cumulative industry experience of working in market research, consulting, and the software industry. He has also authored a book titled – ‘Roots in Oblivion’ and is currently working on his second book – ‘Mind in Oblivion’.