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Datascan Releases New Analytics Tool “DART Smart”

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Self-scan physical inventory counting solution provider, Datascan introduced their new analytics tool DART Smart. As retailers globally seek additional value from their inventory counts, DART Smart will enhance the current spectrum of DART capabilities.

Herb Billings, VP of Product Strategy, stated “DART Smart continues our long tradition of complete visibility around stock counts and inventory accuracy. This is a must-have for omnichannel retailers looking to optimize their inventory management.”

The visual analytics tool which is developed to generate useful information enhances the count performance and inventory accuracy. Single inventory count or track performance over multiple physical inventories can be analyzed using DART Smart.

Mark Belmer, Chief Revenue Officer at Datascan said “We are excited about the value the DART Smart solution will deliver to both new and existing customers as they seek to improve inventory accuracy and drive omnichannel initiatives.”

Three focused dashboards by DART Smart focus on delivering value to their clients. Three high-level accuracy scores that enable the retailers to gain information on individual SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) can be provided using Inventory accuracy reports. The major indicators that help retailers in cost optimization and retailers like counting speed, total labor hours and correctness of important inventory management components are considered while generating productivity reports. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which are important for stock performance comparison including back-to-front replenishment, inventory accuracy, counting accuracy, and counting speed are reflected in the scorecard reports.

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