Business analytics firm DataSelf, Inc. revealed the completion of a project that aids organizations in developing a robust system with actionable intelligence. The software can be fully developed within an hour and integrated in less than 30 minutes.

The ETL +™ (Extract, Transform, Load) technology was redesigned to reduce the implementation time.

According to Joni Girardi, DataSelf Founder & CEO, the demand for a new technology was due to the increasingly hybrid data environment in which today’s businesses operate. “In the past, most organizations looked at analytics for a single application – typically either ERP or CRM. Today, organizations are looking for an analytics solution that ties in with multiple ‘data silos’ — and those silos have grown in complexity, with data stored in multiple places such as the cloud, on-premises, and even across countless Excel files.”

Data fluidity is at the center of the DataSelf’s next-generation technology – the idea that since an organization’s data sets are constantly in flux, their staff cannot afford to allocate weeks (or even days) to reconfiguring their analytics solution. “The watchword in software today is ‘agility’”, says Girardi. “The previous generation of analytics solutions assumed that once you configured the ‘plumbing’ that was behind an analytics solution, you’d rarely – if ever – need to change it. That fact is no longer true today.”

The new ETL+ data extraction and load process for enterprise-wide analytics systems were designed to make large volumes of data processing simpler. ETL+ necessitated a reform in how analytics solutions handled data in addition to managing additions and changes to an organization’s various data silos.

Best-of-breed Business Intelligence (BI) tools (Tableau and Power BI), a highly scalable SQL Server data warehouse, and a comprehensive set of key performance indicator (KPIs) ready on day one to enhance the new ETL+ technology.

“For today’s businesses, the concept of ‘a single version of the truth’ is increasingly dependent on data in multiple applications in an ever-changing data environment”, adds Girardi. “Our next-generation solution makes that truth available in a uniquely affordable manner.”