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DDN and Tintri Launches IntelliFlash High-Performance Hybrid Storage and NVMe with AI Built-In

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AI and multi-cloud data management solutions specialist, DDN, and intelligent infrastructure technology leader, Tintri recently announced IntelliFlash® N6000 technology. NVMe-based systems enhance user experiences across all workloads by providing outstanding performance, eliminating IO contention, and improving IT efficiency through automated, AI-driven operations. The companies have also introduced IntelliFlash hybrid systems that can easily scale to multiple petabytes, so customers can combine primary and secondary storage within the same appliance, combining NVMe performance and hybrid cost-efficiency.

Dr. James Coomer, senior VP of products, DDN, said, “With the new IntelliFlash N6000 series and enhanced H6000 series, we are strengthening Intelligent Infrastructure and advanced data management services for at-scale as well as enterprise customers. As customer needs evolve, the IntelliFlash platform adapts to match application demand and business priorities with its agile storage approach, whether in all-flash or hybrid environments.”

In addition to simplifying business processes and incorporating all enterprise workloads into a single integrated platform, IntelliFlash’s new N-Series NAND systems and IntelliFlash H-Series hybrid systems greatly reduce costs and complexity. The Intelligent Infrastructure, which enables concurrent access to data multiple protocols and adaptive flash management, can eliminate a company’s hardware sprawl and disparate data silos.

DDN’s NVMe platform for IntelliFlash offers market-leading performance, scalability, and reliability with the performance, scale, and reliability requirements of modern applications. This release will further improve performance for existing IntelliFlash customers by further reducing latency and throughput – particularly for file services.

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