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DDN Enhances Production by Adding AI to its Data Storage System

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Global artificial intelligence (AI) and multi-cloud data management solution provider, DataDirect Network (DDN) has enhanced its data storage system. DDN enables their customer to gain AI-driven digital transformation initiatives by including AI, deep learning, and analytics software in its data storage system. The increased use of AI as a means to enhance business had made DDN accelerate and enhance its data storage solutions using its expertise in the field of developing and deploying data storage solutions.

“In these times of economic uncertainty, organizations need proven technology partners to help them achieve successful AI-driven business transformation with significant business value. With DDN’s global team of experts, proven data platforms designed specifically for AI and tight integration with the AI ecosystem, our customers will de-risk their AI strategies and greatly accelerate success and productivity,” stated Alex Bouzari, CEO of DDN.

Enhanced data security, performance, monitoring, and capacity per appliance can be provided to its client by DDN through the new enhancements made to its software. The next-generation networking SAS4 enables the new hybrid storage system from DDN to deliver capacity and performance almost double the previous one at a feasible price. DDN’s sophisticated NVMe AI appliances now enable customers to deploy up to 900 hard drives and 16 petabytes of data in a single rack.

A parallel filesystem named EXAScaler® 6.1, which optimizes AI integration and data security was also recently launched by the organization. Hot Pools and Hot Nodes, two DDN capabilities that enable improved flash performance in applications, can now be paired with end-to-end encryption.

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