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DealerOn Make Alliances with Pypestream to Bring Conversational AI to the Automotive Industry

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A digital marketing technology provider, DealerOn, has announced a strategic alliance with Pypestream, a leading self-service automation platform to bring the automotive industry’s first true conversational AI solution, Cyrus: Digital Assistant, to market.

DealerOn CEO, Ali Amirrezvani, said, “With Pypestream we are delivering on the promise of deploying real AI into the auto industry. Some of the largest brands in the world depend on Pypestream to power desirable self-service, thereby minimizing the need for expensive agent-assisted service. The release of Cyrus marks just the beginning of what this partnership has in store, and I believe that together we are raising the bar for what ‘chat’ in this space should be.”

Google has stated that automotive consumers want a convenient customer-based solution that will be available any time of the day. They are leaning more towards fewer hurdles and harmonious experience.

Bill Wittenmyer, DealerOn’s Chief Sales Officer, said, “Fragmented bits of information coming to the dealer’s CRM is a big problem for anyone who lives and dies by the data. Chat tools have always been one of the biggest offenders of this. With Cyrus, the entire transcript is pushed to the CRM, so you never have to wonder what was said or wasn’t, and the need to login to yet ANOTHER system goes away.”

With Cyrus’ pre-built conversation designs, AI training data, and intuitive user interface, DealerOn customers will leverage the pre-built conversation designs, AI training data, and intuitive user interface of Cyrus to make use of this partnership with a solution native to their platform and developed for automotive dealers.

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