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Delineating the Positive Effects of CCaaS Software

CCaaS, Contact Center as a Service, Intelligent Process Automation, IPA

Traditionally, there were limited communication options for both the businesses and the customers due to a lack of technologies. However, companies always have aimed to reach out to the customers with the limited resources and ensure them the best resolutions of their problems. The customer engagement teams mainly aim to gain customer loyalty and satisfaction through their services. Every organization from the financial sector to FMCG goods provider relies on customers retention to grow their brands and revenue. Thus, they want to treat their customers in a way that they can utilize the best technology available irrespective of time scenarios.

The Contact-Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) is one such software that provides organizations with advanced technology which can not only satisfy the consumer’s needs but also empower customer support service agents with various tools.

Managing a contact center is a huge responsibility for an organization as this is mainly managed by a customer engagement team. It contains various activities, namely monitoring agents, recording calls, mapping an individual customer journey, and ensuring no customer is returning empty-handed. With CCaaS software, it becomes easy to manage all such activities, as this helps to reduce the cost of hosting as the vendors. Moreover, these days, vendors are offering cloud deployment options with a pay-as-you-go model.

Moving on to an agent’s expectations from CCaaS software, in the current scenario of digital transformation and surge of remote working environment, agents want a solution that can be easily scalable. They are looking for a contact center solution that can ensure seamless connectivity with smooth communication. Additionally, they also expect easy deployment options to fill communication gaps and provide integrated tools among the team members.

This article throws light on some advanced capabilities of Contact-Centre-as-a-Service (CCaaS) software which empowers agents to deliver better customer service and gain their loyalty.

CCaaS, Contact-Center-as-a-Service, Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)


Enhanced Monitoring

In the conventional call center, the agents and managers do not have broad options to monitor the activities going on in the call center. However, in modern contact center solutions, the agents can have a complete watch on the activities being carried out by team members with customers in real-time. Additionally, the CCaaS software offers a comparative flexible, agile and collaborative solution. This solution comes loaded with end-to-end monitoring systems, which leads to higher flexibility. It also helps the agent to gain knowledgeable insights into the customer’s communication.
Omnichannel monitoring and routing enable to improve connection rates between the agents and customers. Moreover, it helps to increase the volume of completed calls and problem resolution. Furthermore, monitoring allows the agent to streamline communication by providing a 360-degree view of the customer journey on the dashboard.

Offers Flexibility

CCaaS software provides agents with the liberty to work from anywhere. In the current scenario of remote working, the Cloud Contact Center Solution enables agents to experience the freedom of working irrespective of location or time and deliver the best customer support services. This also increases their productivity and provides them a great sense of satisfaction and ownership of their job role. The features such as quality management, workforce management, customer survey, calls, and video recordings help in empowering them to reduce risks and meet business objectives.

Easily Accessible Dashboard

Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) software not only enhances agent productivity but also offers an easily accessible dashboard. The software also allows the agent to log into their choice of device and choose the operation tools they require from multiple options. It enables agents to decide and select the browser and premises. Additionally, all the benefits that the agents get are because of an interactive and user-friendly dashboard that makes communication services handy. Also, with an integrated user interface, the agent can easily collect and analyze data in real-time. The analytics gained from the dashboard provides complete visibility, capture insights, and help optimize customer experiences. Finally, it also allows the agent to make, receive or route calls to the designated members.

Provide collaboration

It becomes difficult for agents to collaborate when all the team members are working from home. With the CCaaS software, the teammates stay in continuous touch with each other irrespective of time and location. This helps teams rapidly solve their problem and work in the right direction to achieve objectives set by the organization.