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Dell Launches Omnia To Manage AI & HPC Workloads

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Dell recently launched an open-source software package, Omnia, to simplify AI and compute-intensive workload deployment and management. Omnia can automate the management of high-performance computing, AI, and data analytics to create a repository of hardware resources. Omnia has been developed by Dell’s The HPC and AI Innovation Lab of Dell along with Intel and Arizona State University have created Omnia.

Caitlin Gordon, vice president, product management, Dell, said, “It will put the right software on each server based on your use case whether it’s HPC simulations [or] neural networks for AI and reduce your time to time deployments. One of the coolest things about Omnia is that you can compose and recompose the stack based on what you need, really taking an infrastructure as code approach here.”

Omnia is a deployment tool to build Dell EMC PowerEdge servers to run standard RPM-based Linux OS images into clusters that can support HPC, AI, and data analytics workloads. Omnia gives the IT flexibility to run workloads and advanced applications, for example, machine learning (ML), deep learning, high-throughput computing, data analytics, and simulation, at the same time, it sends over a single interface for cluster provisioning and deployment.

Omnia offers the best deployments for Kubernetes via Helm and OperatorHub. It also delivers configuration files for persistent storage and utilizes machine learning platforms such as Kubeflow automatically, and indicates optimized containers in DockerHub, in accelerated and unaccelerated workloads.

data scientists mainly use HPC for solving problems at scale. HPC has been adapted by various Organisations for artificial intelligence (AI) and other applications. Dell specifically offers flexible HPC on-demand with white-glove managed services for those companies that lack the budget, skills, and the amount of time to create, optimize and manage HPC clusters.

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