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Deloitte Announces the Launch of New Marketing AI solution

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Deloitte has launched a brand-new solution, ConvergeHEALTH CognitiveSpark for Marketing, a module of the CognitiveSpark suite of artificial intelligence solutions. CognitiveSpark for Marketing helps marketers made decisions based on artificial intelligence (AI) at scale and with speed, boosting their return on investment (ROI) through digital marketing.

Mark Miller, managing director with Deloitte Consulting LLP, said, “Patients are surrounded by advertisements for pharmaceutical and health care products, as well as multiple, confusing marketing messages; and at the same time brand teams inherently face a degree of uncertainty in every decision they make. CognitiveSpark for Marketing brings precision and clarity to brand teams and the audiences they are trying to reach so there can be better engagement, more satisfying experiences, and ultimately more trust with patients and partners.”

In order to overcome these challenges, CognitiveSpark for Marketing provides a flexible approach to connect disparate data sets in order to make business decisions based on insights. CognitiveSpark for Marketing includes;

  • Data sets integrated: Data is merged with brand impression information to create an integrated, de-identified data set for analysis.
  • Data sets of high quality: Provides a robust analysis foundation by integrating claim data from 320 million patient lives.
  • Advanced AI technology: Provides actionable insights and recommendations by applying next-generation machine learning and analytic technologies.
  • Visualizations in multiple dimensions: Transforms noise of data into information that can be consumed with highly targeted and visual illustrations.
  • User-driven analysis: Permits users to drill down into the source data to generate queries and reports on their own.

Using embedded database technology, CognitiveSpark for Marketing offers a variety of marketing modules featuring campaign, behavioral, and medical data that are interconnected in a way that ensures patient privacy and security. Through the cloud-based solution, marketing spends across multiple channels can be generated and informed through marketing analytics.

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