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Demandbase Launches Workspaces to Aid Businesses in Data Management

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Demandbase, a go-to-market (GTM) platform, unveiled its new Workspaces capability, which was developed to go beyond just filtering data by allowing teams to create account partitions that keep data and activities apart across business units.

Brewster Stanislaw, Chief Product Officer at Demandbase, said, \”Large enterprises have complex solution portfolios that leverage different GTM motions. To manage this complexity and ensure data privacy and security, they need flexible technology solutions that adapt to their businesses. Workspaces does exactly this by allowing them to containerize their data to ensure only the relevant teams have access. Demandbase is the only GTM platform that supports true data containerization for business units and product lines. We know how important this is to our enterprise customers and we\’re excited to deliver this enhanced flexibility and continued innovation for them.\”

Lists, filters, and reports are capabilities that can be arranged in accordance with business unit. Additionally, users have control over intent, users, views, permissions, and subscriptions. Single users will be able to work in workspaces, and managers and administrators will also gain access to a rolled-up, global view.

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