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DFIN Announces Acquisition of Guardum to Empower Global Data Privacy

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Guardum has been acquired by Donnelley Financial Solutions, a leading risk and compliance company. As a leading software provider for data security and privacy, Guardum locates, secures, and controls data for companies. In addition to strengthening DFIN’s software solutions portfolio, the acquisition enhances regulatory compliance, safeguards privacy, and improves data accuracy, making data security a distinct competitive differentiator.

Craig Clay, president of Global Capital Markets at DFIN, said, “DFIN’s industry-leading software solutions address the most challenging regulatory and compliance issues that companies face. Incorporating Guardum’s data security and public information technology into our platform creates privacy intelligence by identifying and protecting our clients’ sensitive data, automating time-consuming processes, and reducing the risk of exposing sensitive data to comply with the growing number of privacy regulations in an ever-changing digital world.”

Guardum can help organizations solve one of their greatest data challenges: finding personal information – in many languages – in vast stores of corporate data, implementing a workflow for data governance and GRC, and permanently or temporarily redacting that information.

Rob Westmacott, a co-founder at Guardum, said, “DFIN has a stellar reputation for providing the highest quality software solutions that help companies tackle their risk and compliance needs. Working together, we will develop software solutions that will help lower overall compliance spending and significantly mitigate risk for organizations throughout the globe.”

The ability of Guardum to analyze semi-structured and unstructured data in native document format eliminates the requirement for file conversion. This is essential during the due diligence phase of an acquisition. By securing critical documents and market-sensitive information, tax data, employee personal data, and more, DFIN’s Venue virtual data room, in conjunction with Guardum’s privacy tools, allows companies to comply with global deal regulations while confidentially facilitating transactions.

Manual review processes can be eliminated, allowing executives to focus on higher priority aspects of any transaction. Among the benefits are:

  • Faster and more efficient than manual data retrieval and redaction: Up to 93 percent faster compared with manual methods.
  • Cost reduction: Better compliance, process, and efficiencies.
  • Easily integrates with other applications, is scalable, and is easy to use, thus reducing the workload on the information technology departments
  • Enhanced overall security, which goes beyond general-purpose discovery or categorization technologies.

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