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Dialpad Announces the Release of “Ai CSAT” to Elevate Customer Satisfaction

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Dialpad, a leading AI-powered business and customer communications platform, unveiled its real-time predictive engine for customer satisfaction- Ai CSAT. As part of its customer intelligence offering, Dialpad’s Ai CSAT will be able to gather and share customer satisfaction scores for 100% of customer calls with important decision-makers in the company to enhance customer experience.

Dialpad strengthens customer communications by providing a seamless TrueCaaS experience. It offers unified business and customer communications including a cloud business phone system, AI-powered video meetings, Artificial Intelligence (AI) contact center, text, and team messaging etc. Its latest release, Ai CSAT, will provide visibility into 100% of the calls and analyze each customer call as a core component of the TrueCaaS platform. The combination of AI and customer satisfaction (CSAT) score will equip organizations to gather actionable insights to ensure improved customer experience. This will further help is decreasing customer churn, reduce coaching cost, and minimizing agent ramp time.

Ai CSAT enables a customer-centric approach wherein organizations can obtain a complete picture of its customers without disturbing customers for manual feedback or survey. This will significantly improve customer service by producing accurate average CSAT score of each customer while reducing ambiguity and polarized opinions.

“For the first time ever, companies of any size can obtain CSAT scores from every voice conversation rather than depending on a handful of customers to complete traditional, post-call surveys. With our pioneering Customer Intelligence solutions, including the recent launches of AI-powered Customer Engagement, Conversational Ai, and now Ai CSAT, Dialpad Ai Contact Center is easily five years ahead of anything in the market today”, said Craig Walker, founder and CEO of Dialpad.

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