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What is Voice Picking?

Voice picking is gaining immense popularity in the warehouse management system. Voice picking provides numerous benefits such as hands-free picking, improving the productivity of order picking, enhancing the performance and safety, reducing errors and reducing the training time of new associates. Warehouse workers can effectively interact verbally with WMS by using voice picking system equipped with speech recognition and speech synthesis feature. Voice picking system supports multilingual functionality that recognizes speech variation of foreign workers efficiently in the noisy environment.


How Does Warehouse Voice Picking Work?

The voice picking system enables warehouse operators to execute hands free pick-up process without any need to refer to the paperwork associated with the order. Each operator is equipped with a wireless, wearable voice speaking device, often consisting of headset and microphone, allowing them to communicate verbally with Warehouse Management System (WMS). The system provides real-time status of operator’s location inside the warehouse and operator receives voice instructions via headset to perform daily order picking tasks that includes what to pick, from where to pick, and at what quantity to pick.

Once the operator performs picking operation, the information is communicated with the system for confirming completion of assigned task. The system then instructs the operator to the next picking location. Hands-free picking the operator increases the efficiency, improves the productivity, and reduces product damage cost. The system intelligently optimizes the routing path for the operator, and results in saving time and increasing the number of orders picked.

Benefits of Warehouse Voice Picking

Voice-picking Technology Enhancing Warehouse Productivity

Voice picking systems can increase work productivity by offering operators the option to work not only hands-free, but also eyes-free in the warehouse. With voice enabled devices, they can perform daily activities without checking items that are picked-up against the order manually. The voice picking system provides details of following orders to  the operator via headsets. This eliminates the need to keep going back to workstation for next orders and updating the inventory. It also reduces the picking-up time and boosts in-house productivity for both picker and administrator.

Quick and Simple Training

Voice- enabled devices are not restricted to any specific operator. Therefore, any new recruits can work all alone quickly after deployment.  It guides users to pick orders and resolve any queries even in the middle of other tasks. The system is beneficial when there is a need to hire temporary employees for heavy seasonal requirements to fulfill customer orders.

Reduce Manual Entry to Enhance Accuracy

With voice picking solutions, warehouse operators can achieve more than 99% accuracy. The voice picking system assists warehouse operators by confirming orders verbally, and reduces interruptions like looking at papers, scanners, or terminal screens. The orders are picked according to the verbal command, reducing the chances of wrong deliveries and improving customer satisfaction.

Enhances Employee Performance and Safety

Warehouse operation requires higher level of human involvement and it is difficult to track each individual’s performance. Voice enabled devices help managers to monitor overall performance of each individual employee and can also be used for training purpose. The also help employers to take critical decision by the guidance of managers via headset and microphone. The voice picking system traces the employee location in any kind of emergencies, providing score points for safety improvement.