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Digitsole Announces New AI-Based Smart Insoles Technology in the U.S.

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Digitsole, a digital health industry pioneer and leader, announced that its second-generation Digitsole Pro® system and smart insoles are now available in the United States. Europe, as well as many other countries across the world, will have access to the next-generation system.

Brandon Noble, Chief Marketing Officer & Global Head of Sales at Digitsole, said, “The official U.S. market launch of Digitsole Pro® marks an important milestone for our rapidly growing organization. Digitsole Pro® represents the latest advancements within our smart insoles technology platform. We take great pride in being a digital health frontrunner by developing emerging solutions that help improve patient outcomes.”

“We’re excited to have the tremendous talent of Chris on the Digitsole team,” added Brandon. “Education will be the cornerstone to the success of our product portfolio and we’re looking forward to building a robust educational program with his expertise.”

To improve the clinical assessment of patients with mobility issues, Digitsole Pro® was created with and for healthcare professionals. By monitoring objective biomechanical data that cannot be seen with the naked eye, it can help improve a patient’s walking or running and progress healing from neurological, orthopedic, age-related, or sport-related disorders.

The inertial platform in each Digitsole Pro® insole records a foot’s walking steps, running strides, and orientations in space. The data collected at the end of each activity is retrieved by the linked chips put into the patient’s insoles. Patient movements are converted into useful clinical data by Digitsole Propatented ®’s artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm, allowing practitioners to recommend the most effective therapy alternatives for patients. Digitsole Pro® evaluates the quantitative and qualitative impact of movement to enhance patient health using the world’s smallest foot inertial measurement unit module, DSPods.

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