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Digsite Enhances Customer Experience Via New Capabilities

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Digsite, the leading consumer insights platform, has released a new end-to-end experience that includes updated sample methodologies, a smoother platform customer experience, and easier reporting. The quicker and more user-friendly interface will provide an improved experience at each stage of the process.

Companies can use advanced logic skills to personalize the experience of their research participants based on their replies. Create your own inquiry pathways and easily randomize topics. To go more detailed than typical survey questions, use exploratory activities such as picture mark-ups, fill-in-the-blank stories, and interactive voting. Digsite provides agile teams with on-demand platform access as well as full-service support to assist them in exploring market prospects, iterating on concepts, improving shopper journeys, and optimizing product experiences.

“Our new capabilities help teams achieve a higher quality of participant engagement so they can truly explore and guide decisions. We’ve made our solution even more robust and flexible so you can move fast with confidence, stated Digsite CEO and Co-founder Monika Rogers.

More expanded and improved recruiting capabilities provide marketers with access to thousands of verified shoppers. Through validated geo-demographic data, internet visits, shopping cart transactions, and purchase receipt data, advanced sampling provides firms with access to higher-quality and more relevant participants. The new capabilities will also enable Digsite to choose relevant participants from more than 100 respondents based on the response they provided in the one-on-one interview.

Jill Meneilley, Digsite’s Consumer Insights Director, commented “I’m thrilled to be rolling out these new features that enhance our capabilities. The enhancements to the SmartDashboard™ can provide companies with a deck within 24 hours of study close.”

Visualization of important information derived through artificial intelligence (AI)-driven charts, editable graphs, quotes, keywords, and sentiment analysis using automated SmartDashboard™. Updates to the direct-to-PowerPoint downloads have been made for extremely quick reporting.

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