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Docker Hub Now Offers Semarchy xDM Images to Deliver Seamless Insights

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Semarchy, a pioneer in software that enables organizations to transform data into insights, has made its master data management platform xDM available on Docker Hub, the world’s largest repository for container images. Using Semarchy xDM, organizations can discover, manage, enrich, and govern their data to generate business value immediately. The agility of Semarchy xDM allows organizations to scale and adapt quickly – and now it’s complemented by Docker Hub, further accelerating time-to-value.

Francois-Xavier Nicolas, chief product officer at Semarchy, said, “Docker’s robust capabilities and extensive user base make getting access to Semarchy even easier. This brings the power and reliability of the leading data platform to the largest and most easily accessible registry for container images, making it more efficient for organizations to build cloud-native data management infrastructures on Semarchy tested and trusted components.”

Brett Hansen, chief marketing officer at Semarchy, said, “Providing Docker images further enhances our differentiated flexibility and efficiency by providing our customers the reliability of Semarchy-generated content with the flexibility to seamlessly deploy on their infrastructure of choice.”

These platforms include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and also via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and all provide the same functionality as an on-premises platform. Semarchy xDM is now available to millions of developers worldwide through Docker Hub.

Docker Hub currently has two images for the xDM app servers, corresponding to the active and passive HA modes. With these Docker images, Semarchy xDM customers can quickly deploy production environments on-premises or in the cloud of their choice (AWS, GCP, Azure). The Semarchy engineering team will keep this infrastructure updated automatically with the latest security enhancements, fixes, and features released.

Additionally, these images can also be used to launch an xDM instance rapidly on Docker Desktop, using the sample Docker Compose included with the images.

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