A global business process services provider of large-volume document scanning, cloud-based document management, and intelligent process automation, Docufree, announced a digital mail solution developed in the favor of law firms and the confidential, time-sensitive nature associated with inbound and outbound mail in the legal industry. The new solution is designed to integrate with legal technology platforms.

Docufree Digital Mail solution helps Law firms that are all filled with paper, email, scanning, and electronic workflows. The Mail Solution can capture mail and inbound documents from various channels such as Postal Services, emails, faxes, and web forms. The SaaS Platform of Digital Mail Solution automatically processes items to securely deliver quick access to authorized users.

David Winkler, executive vice president, and chief product officer at Docufree, said: “Being able to manage physical documents plus a wide array of electronic information efficiently is critical for legal practices. Too many firms are still operating with the same physical paper mentality they have had for decades, resulting in misdirected deliveries, delayed and misplaced mail and checks, and paralegals spending too much time scanning, uploading, naming, and attaching documents to the case management system.”

Winkler continued, “Law firm processes are dependent upon mail stream documents, including communications and negotiations between opposing parties and critical, time-sensitive court and trial-related documents. Not only can Docufree help better track and manage that process, but we can also provide law firms with data insights to accurately capture and bill for mail-related client expenses.”

The Digital Mail solution also includes the Docufree eSign e-signature solution. These are the signatures that were previously captured manually on documents via USPS, UPS, and FedEx mail streams in hard copy form. Now, it can be used to digitally captured, indexed, and tracked within the platform.

Docufree’s Digital Mail for Law Firms is created to integrate with Legal management systems and leverages built-in system intelligence for real-time tracking of the process. The solution provides results such as accelerated mail delivery, superior response-and-cycle times, significant cost savings, improved accountability, enhanced security, and compliance. Through these capabilities, the law firms can digitally receive, send, access, and track every piece of inbound or outbound mail on demand from an office, home, or courtroom.