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Domo Integrates with Microsoft 365 and Teams

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New integrations between Domo and Microsoft 365 and Teams provide users with access to analytics without leaving those applications. With this latest integration, business clients of the analytics vendor and tech titan will have access to data assets while maintaining their daily routines.

Donald Farmer, founder, and principal at TreeHive Strategy, said, “It’s a smart move for analytics vendors like Domo to integrate with Microsoft’s collaboration capabilities and Office suite. In particular, the integrations make sense given Domo’s evolution from a traditional BI vendor providing reporting and visual analysis capabilities to one focused on delivering insights within workflows that can lead to data-driven action.”

“In that context, this integration with Microsoft 365 and Teams makes a lot of sense,” Farmer said. “These business platforms are the default for many enterprises worldwide. Email is still the most significant form of direct business communication, spreadsheets the leading data tools, and PowerPoint is still how most enterprises tell their stories internally and externally.”

Farmer added, “The integrations between Domo and both Teams and Microsoft 365 stand to be of significant benefit to users and could even attract new customers.”

Together, Domo and Microsoft customers will be able to access their business intelligence assets while collaborating in Microsoft Teams and taking advantage of a variety of production capabilities in the Microsoft 365 environment.

Users can share data, post data, and search for data using the Domo Teams integration.

Domo users can use the Microsoft Add-in to:

  • Integrate Microsoft 365 with dashboards, datasets, key performance indicators, and cards that are incorporated into Microsoft 365 products, and keep them up-to-date.
  • With real-time sharing, you can automatically update the data as you receive new information or as data changes.
  • Embedding Domo analytics content into Outlook emails, editing or creating new datasets in Domo based on Outlook attachments, and initiating new Domo tasks and projects based on Outlook notifications.
  • Transform data in Excel by importing Domo data so that it can be edited in Excel, and by combining Domo and Excel datasets.

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