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Dotmatics Scientific R&D Platform Integrates GraphPad Prism

Dotmatics Scientific R&D Platform Integrates GraphPad Prism
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Dotmatics, a pioneer in R&D scientific software that links data, science, and decision-making, recently announced collaboration between its scientific R&D framework and GraphPad Prism, the top analytical and graphing tool for scientific research. The most recent version of Dotmatics’ cloud-based platform now allows scientists and researchers to export assay data straight to Prism, which is an important step towards guaranteeing that all shared information complies with FAIR data guidelines. It is simpler to export data from Dotmatics ELN and screening tools using a consistent process thanks to the ability for users to generate Prism templates with pre-built analysis and graphics. This integration gives researchers a simple, repeatable, no-code way to produce work that is suitable for publication.

Dotmatics was officially unveiled in April 2022 as the united company of Dotmatics and Insightful Science. Customers may now purchase a core scientific research platform from Dotmatics that includes capabilities like data discovery, electronic lab notebook, and screening. Additionally, it provides well-liked, specialized software for scientists including GraphPad Prism, SnapGene, and Geneious. For research companies in the fields of chemistry, biology, and chemicals and materials research, Dotmatics is collaborating to provide solutions with pre-configured usage and workflows.

For over 25 years, Prism has exclusively offered thorough analysis and powerful statistics to the world’s scientific community. Prism is a cutting-edge statistical analysis program made for businesses that need to see and analyze data using graphs. A regression analysis tool is available at a single click, allowing users to choose an equation and automatically interpolate values to create graphs. More than 750,000 of the top scientists in the world, including students and Nobel Prize winners, trust Prism. They work for universities and organizations including Stanford, Harvard, Yale, City of Hope, CDC, Merck, NASA, Sanofi, and others.

When combining data from many studies, in particular, the integration can help scientists save a lot of time. Prism templates can also be used to execute insights. Doing away with the need for time-consuming, manual data transformation, also improves data quality. This results in quicker drug discovery initiatives for an organization, where decisions are taken more quickly and with higher-quality data. For instance, a scientist utilizing the Dotmatics screening tool could wish to create high-quality infographics for a presentation as well as statistical calculations to assess data from a new test. With this partnership, the scientist can export each experiment’s data directly into Prism with or without a Prism template. They will produce charts of given data and execute statistical computations automatically by using a template. This eliminates the need to manually export, format, and input data into Prism, do the computations, and create the necessary charts.

With the new Dotmatics integration, users can:

  • Export comprehensive assay data from many trials to Prism, which eliminates the need for labor-intensive and error-prone manual data collation by copying and pasting.
  • Take a deeper dive to carry out sophisticated high-fidelity data visualizations and statistical analysis by exporting assays from just one screening experiment to Prism.
  • Develop Prism templates with pre-built analysis and graphs to automate and standardize data analysis and visualization in Prism in a user-friendly, no-code way.

Kalim Saliba, Chief Product Officer explained, “Prism is beloved by our customers because it’s a versatile statistics tool built for scientists, not statisticians. Dotmatics is the first and only R&D platform to offer integration with Prism, enabling scientific organizations to save time, accelerate research, and promote higher quality data. It is another step forward in our vision to combine the functionality and power of many of the industry’s favorite applications into an end-to-end platform, creating solutions that can help our customers transform their scientific R&D.”

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