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DRUID Reports 5x Growth in Recurring Revenue For Monthly and 2.3M$ For Annual

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DRUID, a leader in the market for conversational AI, reported a 5x growth rate for recurring revenue during the past year and a 2.3 million annual revenue at the end of September 2021.

Following its expansion strategy on the global market, the company reached more than 1,500 active tenants, including those within the community edition. A total of 49% of revenue came from international clients, with clients hailing from Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Americas, and Australia.

In addition to the crowded chatbot market, DRUID moves into the area of conversational business applications platforms, leveraging the best-in-class RPA robots from UiPath. DRUID continues to expand its international presence on the EU and US markets with new office locations in Houston (Texas, USA) and London (UK), while plans are being considered for opening offices in Frankfurt (Germany), Tokyo (Japan), and Dubai (UAE).

Liviu Dragan, CEO of DRUID, said, “Being included in the Everest Group’s Conversational AI PEAK Matrix® for 2021 report has been a great honor and it has made us even more confident in our expansion plans on the EU, US, and Japan markets. Furthermore, thanks to great results recorded year on year, we can confidently say we are ready to bring our excellent services to these markets and to continue to invest to further evolve our sector-leading technology.”

Digital transformation already demands AI-driven interaction with customers and employees. With Oxygen, DRUID continues to transform the enterprise automation landscape and offers an integrated approach to building and deploying conversational business apps for any industry. By exchanging over 21 million interactions per month with its growing ecosystem of over 100 global partners, DRUID has established a solid foundation upon which it is building its global footprint.

Everest Group‘s Practice Director, Sharang Sharma stated, “DRUID has emerged as a Major Contender on Everest Group’s Conversational AI PEAK Matrix® for 2021, due to its rapid growth and expansion in the European and North American markets. It has managed to address diverse conversational AI needs across different client industries and processes in a relatively short time. Its ability to cover multiple languages, integration with other automation products, and agent assist capabilities all add to its strong proposition and value for clients.”

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