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Dstny Acquires Tactful AI to Strengthen Customer Engagement Operations

Dstny Tactful AI
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Dstny, a cloud-based business communications provider, recently acquired a unified customer experience platform, Tactful AI, to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and data into their customer experience platform. Using Tactful AI’s technologies and services, Dstny intends to improve customer engagement operations across digital and voice channels.

Tactful AI’s unified customer experience platform (UCX) will enable business organizations to efficiently engage with customers, manage customer data, and understand the customer journey. Utilizing Tactful AI’s multilingual conversational chatbots, conversational analytics, and digital contact centre, Dstny would be able to bridge the gap between customers and employees in terms of communication. Their AI-powered customer engagement software would help Dstny attract, retain and grow customers.

Daan De Wever, CEO of Dstny Group, said: “With Tactful onboard, we are not only strengthening ourselves with next-generation customer engagement technology, we are also adding an excellent team to our group.”

“Our M&A strategy is all about product and revenue synergies, not cost synergies like you often see elsewhere. In that way, we grow faster as joint companies, and our customers get access to more and better products much faster. Tactful is a perfect match in every way, and we are excited to start working together,” commented Chris Parker, Dstny Group.

With this acquisition, Dstny can employ artificial intelligence and data into their existing customer experience operations using Tactful’s no-code AI-powered automation engine. Furthermore, with Tactful’s ticketing solution, Dstny can streamline customer requests, resolve customer queries, and strengthen customer loyalty. They can gather new insights through improved communications between agents and customers and utilize those insights to optimize operations and boost customer satisfaction.

Mohamed Elmasry, co-founder and CEO of Tactful AI, said, “Tactful and Dstny share the same vision to bring employees and customers together through interactive communications tools. We both believe we can positively impact people’s lives even better together. By joining Dstny, we are excited to accelerate our go-to-market strategy and bring even more value to our customers.”

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