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Dynatrace Improved Its Analytics Abilities to Empower Multicloud Systems

Dynatrace Improved Its Analytics Abilities to Empower Multicloud Systems
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Dynatrace, a US established software development company, recently announced the improvement of its analytics abilities for modern multi-cloud arrangements by merging its AI-powered log analytics and digital experience monitoring (DEM) proficiencies, including Session Replay.

The recent improvement to the Dynatrace platform allowed development teams to automatically find greater insights into explicit user journeys by connecting logs to the user session from where these insights generated. This added context enabled teams to utilize the DEM capabilities of the platform to assess relevant user sessions, behavior, and rerun the activities of any user journeys through Session Replay to find relevant insights that includes how the user experience can be optimized.

Andrea Cova, Chief Information Technology Officer at ConTe.it, stated, “ConTe.it is always striving for better customer experience, so ensuring our applications work flawlessly is a primary objective for us. Dynatrace’s ability to combine logs, user experience, and Session Replay, all in context, has helped our teams gain a better understanding of customer pain points and allowed us to improve the performance of our digital services. Accessing all this data in one place has also saved our teams time, enabling them to focus on what matters most – accelerating our growth, driving innovation, and creating new features so we can make our customers happier.”

By giving development teams access to high-definition video replays of any click, tap, or swipe so they can make optimizations in line with user expectations, Session Replay completely changes how they go about improving the digital experience. The automatic linking of this data will now be advantageous to front-end and back-end development teams that previously worked in isolation, painstakingly attempting to match log events with their corresponding user sessions. This improves their ability to work together and lessens their dependency on manual procedures. These teams may now devote more effort to promoting innovation and producing higher-quality software more quickly.

Steve Tack, SVP of Product Management at Dynatrace, commented, “As technology stacks have become more distributed, and logs and user session data more fragmented, developers have been challenged to understand the link between back-end system performance and front-end user experience. By bridging this gap and unifying logs, user sessions, and visual Session Replays, Dynatrace makes it easier for teams to ensure optimal user journeys while proactively solving any issues that may have gone into production undetected. This automated, customer-centric approach to software optimization gives teams the confidence to innovate at speed and scale.”


This improvement added to the Dynatrace platform is currently available to all Dynatrace consumers.

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