AI-based clinical predictive analytics company – EarlySign and Roche have signed a definitive agreement. In accordance with the agreement, both parties will collaborate over multiple stages to develop and validate clinical data solutions aimed at helping global healthcare organizations improve the early detection of serious diseases by utilizing personalized digital health technologies.

Ori Geva, CEO, and co-founder of EarlySign┬ácommented, “We are honored to formalize this partnership with Roche Diagnostics as we share their vision of putting patients first by seeking better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases and make a sustainable contribution to society. Our next steps are to help bring new diagnostics methodologies to the global market through better management and utilization of vast amounts of data in ways that were previously unimaginable. By coupling our proven machine learning infrastructure and data science expertise with the global leadership of Roche, we are looking forward to bringing forth a new class of predictive tools to make a significant contribution to improve human health.”

The aim of this partnership is to bring new machine learning solutions to market that will enable healthcare providers to provide more personalized patient care along the patient journey. The solutions will improve data flow between stakeholders and support clinical decision-making with a higher level of speed and accuracy. EarlySign is developing outcome-focused software solutions that detect subtle, early signs of high-risk patient trajectories based on data from lab tests, ordinary electronic health records, and other records collected at the time of care.

The agreement will primarily address gastric cancer-a type of cancer where early detection is imperative. After all, stomach cancers often develop slowly over many years, causing few symptoms in the early stages, which often go undetected. It is intended that the parties will commercialize globally.