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EchoNous and Us2.ai To Analyze Heart Scans With Machine Learning

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A leading provider of ultraportable, AI-guided point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) tools and software, EchoNous, announced it is partnering with Us2.ai, developers of system software that automates the analysis of echocardiographic imagery and measurements. This partnership will analyze heart scans with machine learning (ML).

Kevin Goodwin, CEO of EchoNous, said, “Dr. Lam and the team at Us2.ai have created something truly revolutionary – the ability to automate echocardiographic data interpretation and help physicians arrive at the correct diagnosis in mere minutes. By entering into this partnership, we are taking a big next step to push the game of managing this disease process further ahead than ever before. Their software’s groundbreaking analytics – alongside our industry-leading imaging technology – now officially push the boundaries and move the frontier forward for cardiology.”

With Us2.AI’s integration into EchoNous’s Kosmos Platform, heart structures that are scanned and analyzed with Kosmos will be automatically assessed, saving workflow time and improving results. The company’s cloud-based solution will be complemented with an on-premises version for users who need local data storage options and/or must operate within HIPAA regulations.

Dr. Carolyn Lam, Us2.ai’s co-founder, said, “Heart disease is the #1 killer worldwide and our team is razor-focused on developing tools that help doctors make heart diagnoses faster, earlier, and more accurately; ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes. By integrating our software into EchoNous’ devices, we’re combining our AI-driven analysis with Kosmos’ superior imaging quality and mobility. Physicians will have speed and accuracy at their fingertips and, together, we’ll fundamentally change Cardiology for the better.”

By combining Kosmos’ new category of ultra-portable diagnostic-grade ultrasound tool with Us2.ai’s algorithm for rapid, fully automated analysis, cardiologists will be able to create the most powerful diagnostic “power tool” ever designed for hand-carried POCUS. This exclusive partnership between Us2.ai and EchoNous will be limited to Kosmos – it will be the only device from its size category to run the software.

With continuous-wave Doppler capability, Kosmos is the only handheld tool of its kind. Kosmos’ AI-powered system automates the assessment of systolic heart function at the bedside and is the only hybrid device that can collect, store, and transmit data in a HIPAA-compliant manner. The Kosmos system is becoming increasingly popular among cardiologists and critical care doctors.

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