Edelweiss General Insurance (EGI) has recently introduced a voice bot powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to boost the automated recording of car claims.

Shanai Ghosh, Executive Director and CEO of Edelweiss General Insurance, said: “While the bot will certainly provide a simple, seamless, and superior experience for our customers, it will also enable our distribution agents and partners to be more efficient and efficient. effective and build their capacity.”

The newly launched end-to-end AI voice robot is the first of its kind in India’s general insurance industry, and it’s powered by Yellow.ai, a Total Experience (TX) automation platform. This voice bot will be available in three languages – Hindi, English, and Hinglish allows for real-time recording of complaints 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It was first presented for mechanics and will be available to all consumers within a month or two. The bot will make it quicker, faster, and less stressful for EGI’s garage agents to record claims. In addition, unlike a typical customer support call, there is no wait time. After you log in, the bot will walk you through the claim notification process in real-time.

Raghu Ravinutala, CEO and co-founder of Yellow.ai, said, “Our technology enables speech recognition models to be personalized to suit users’ unique speaking styles, expressions, and vocabularies, as well as background noise. , accents and voice patterns. Our voice bots have superior context-based intent identification to help better understand queries, provide customer interaction insights that consistently improve bot performance, and understand consumer behavior.”

Aside from being a claims assistant, the bot can also answer queries of garage representatives, resulting in a more comprehensive and improved experience. It is capable of providing the complaint registration number without the need for human participation and of forwarding difficult inquiries to EGI representatives.