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ElectrifAi Reveals MLaaS and Computer Vision For Oil, Gas, and Energy at ADIPEC

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ElectrifAi, a leading provider of practical artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions, announced at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition that it is offering Computer Vision and Machine Learning as services (MLaaS) for the Oil, Gas, and Energy industries.

Edward Scott, the CEO, ElectrifAi, said, “We’re pleased to introduce our Computer Vision and Machine Learning as a Service offering to the global energy industry. Every company can now easily achieve the benefits of computer vision and machine learning with a very high ROI. We are helping energy companies across the globe grow and become more competitive through data-driven business decisions.”

ElectrifAi has created a collection of CV use cases beyond the normal range of CV abilities currently available. Many CV-based solutions can be applied to this industry. Workplace safety, critical infrastructure monitoring, methane detection, and equipment surveillance are some examples.

MLaaS makes machine learning more efficient and convenient. Machine learning can be accessed quickly by clients without the need for lengthy installation processes or provisioning of their servers. Although most companies are experimenting with artificial intelligence and machine learning, many struggles with basic challenges such as data availability and quality as well as hiring and retaining data engineers and data scientists.

These challenges are addressed and solved by ElectrifAi’s new MLaaS offering. A company can realize the maximum business and operational benefits of Ai and ML with ElectrifAi’s MLaaS with little to no experience. It can be deployed in any cloud environment or on the customer’s premises easily. MLaaS would also be developed, operated, and maintained by ElectrifAi on behalf of clients, making the service faster, better, cheaper, and less risky for them.


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