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ElectroNeek Teams up with Ricoh to Develop RPA and OCR Technology

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A leading RPA vendor for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), ElectroNeek, has partnered with Ricoh Australia to bring cheap robotic process automation (RPA) and optical character recognition (OCR) services to Australian educational institutions.

ElectroNeek will provide Ricoh with RPA solutions such as Studio Pro, Bot Runner, and SaaS Orchestrator, as well as industry-leading partner success tools to drive income from Ricoh’s digital initiatives, through our revolutionary RPA ecosystem. Our two companies will collaborate to achieve a common aim of offering scalable and cost-effective digital transformation solutions, such as RPA, to businesses across Australia.

Sergey Yudovskiy, Co-founder & CEO, ElectroNeek Robotics Inc., said, “ElectroNeek is proud to partner with Ricoh to expand our RPA and OCR technology alliance in Australia. The combination of our two teams — enterprise documentation software combined with scalable automation and expert technical leadership — will allow Ricoh to provide their customers with truly transformative digital solutions.”

ElectroNeek’s key business model is based on assisting their partners in growing their RPA companies. ElectroNeek’s Global Partner Success Program assists MSPs in generating high profits by providing a strong product range, joint business efforts, and complimentary bot licenses that enable our partners to supply their end clients with cost-effective and adaptable RPA solutions.

Neal Ross, Chief Technology Officer, Ricoh Australia Pty Ltd, said, “Partnering with Electroneek will enable Ricoh to provide our customers with a truly scalable and cost-effective managed RPA service at a time when organizations are looking to deploy digital transformation and employee experience strategies to emerge stronger in 2022. Indeed, finding ways to derive the optimal return on investment from digital initiatives such as RPA has never been more important.”

Ross adds, “We look forward to working with Electroneek to deliver a winning combination of leading technology and expert technical knowledge, skills, and experience to Australian businesses.”


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