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Elysium Analytics Announces the Release of Elysium Search

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Elysium Analytics, a cloud native solution which provides security and operational analytics, recently launched Elysium search, a native application that is designed to provide full-text search capabilities on the snowflake data cloud.

Chris Child, Senior Director of Product Management, Snowflake, said, “Elysium Search, built using Snowflake’s Native Application Framework, can be transformative for businesses as they pursue innovation with streamlined data access. As Snowflake continues to make strides mobilizing the world’s data, partners like Elysium Analytics can provide our joint customers with greater visibility into log data.”

Elysium Analytics’ data-driven security analytics offers exceptional visibility with a cloud-native semantic security data lake for contextual and deep analytics. It also provides pre-built search and analytics applications that are critical for organizations to obtain immediate value from data.

Their newest creation, Elysium search, allows full-text search and provides quick access to log data in snowflake, a unified space for mobilizing data using snowflake’s data cloud. It is aimed at helping both Elysium Analytics and snowflake customers perform ad-hoc searches without having to worry about prior SQL experience. It will help in accelerating profit with zero operational costs and unlimited concurrency.

The ability to interrogate any log data in Snowflake, using full-text search rather than SQL, enables a much broader audience to take advantage of Snowflake Data Cloud. With our new full-text search solution, we are further enabling the democratization of data across business, security and operations teams“, said Satish Abburi, CTO of Elysium Analytics.

With their newest offering, Elysium Analytics aims to create a seamless search experience by combining OpenSearch, KQL, and snowflake. As a fully managed solution, Elysium search will offer fast context-based search across large data volumes.

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