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Email Detection and Response For Google Workspace From SlashNext

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A leading provider of multi-channel spear-phishing and human hacking defense, SlashNext, announced that SlashNext Email Detection and Response for Google Workspace will be available soon.

Recent research reported that current email defenses, including Google Workspace’s security, are failing to protect against up to 65% of targeted spear phishing, social engineering, business email compromise (BEC), and other malicious user attacks from legitimate trusted websites. Organizations can detect and respond to these targeted threats with pinpoint accuracy now that SlashNext’s email detection and response is integrated with Google Workspace and can remediate the infected user’s inboxes with one click.

Patrick Harr, CEO of SlashNext, said, “Phishing is responsible for 95% of all breaches including the latest high-profile ransomware exploits. Current anti-phishing defenses, such as secure email gateways, proxy/SASE and endpoints miss these targeted threats at an alarming rate. Our new AI-based email detection and response service, purpose-built for Google Workspace, successfully detects spear-phishing and other malicious user attacks within minutes and removes the number one cybersecurity danger for organizations with one click.”

Utilizing patented algorithms SlashNext’s SPEAR AI detects and removes spear phishing, social engineering, rogueware, scams, bank fraud, and data exploits that are missed by relationship graphs, URL rewriting and sandboxing email security technologies.

  • Based on a SaaS model, within 5 minutes of securing Gmail API credentials, companies have instant detection of spear-phishing emails. Respond immediately to any threats you find either by an individual, a group, or company-wide.
  • Google-approved and trusted service uses the strongest authentication methods and never stores data on disk to ensure zero loss of personal information. Users are the only ones to know their login credentials.
  • Security teams can remove threats missed by Google Workspace in as little as three to five minutes per incident after detecting instant phishing emails and deleting them. Fast ROI results in short payback periods.

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