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Emergifi and JOLT Advantage Group Collaborates to Provide RPA

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A credit union service organization (CUSO), Emergifi, announced a partnership with JOLT Advantage Group to further offer Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions to credit unions. JOLT provides RPA and automation services that have proven results for generating sustainable client outcomes.

Gregg Tushaus, President of Emergifi, said, “Robotic Process Automation complements our digital transformation offerings. Remaining competitive requires credit unions to continue automating and Emergifi is excited to offer credit unions RPA through this partnership.”

With RPA, credit unions (CUs) can automate specific tasks by using software robots. Several integrations, advanced technologies, and cognitive processes go into RPA software. Various software robots are available which operate through different software applications.

Jordan Collard, CEO of JOLT Advantage Group, said, “With RPA, JOLT can help credit unions optimize key business processes such as inbound loan processing, integrate and streamline the underwriting approval process, automatically submit accurate data into enterprise portals, along with many more use cases that will help credit unions boost operational efficiency and member satisfaction.”

To achieve RPA impact across the enterprise, JOLT believes a robust automation pipeline and experienced scoping are essential. Its 360° RPA and Intelligent Automation solutions improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experience, and increase employee satisfaction while supporting successful digital transformation.

Emergifi’s mission is to support and equip credit unions with the tools they need to stay sustainable, competitive, and profitable. In addition to reducing costs and risks, CUSOs offer credit union technology solutions that enhance productivity and security. By providing solutions to credit unions, the company streamlines operations, reduces costs, improves productivity, and improves security.

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