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Enhancing Audience Engagement with RAD AI Partnership For National CineMedia

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National CineMedia recently announced a strategic partnership with Rad Intelligence (RAD AI). RAD AI will use the power of recommendation and referral combined with machine learning to link advertisers’ messages to targeted social influencers.

NCM’s Executive Vice President & Chief Revenue Officer Mike Rosen said, “Often regional advertisers are hesitant to work with influencers due to confusion about how to create targeted, affordable, and effective campaigns. What we love most about the partnership is how it deepens our ability to demonstrate campaign performance and return-on-investment to NCM advertisers at all levels. With RAD AI, we’re able to provide a fully customizable, turnkey, affordable offering that guarantees the right eyeballs on the content each influencer creates and clearly shows how these campaigns impact the brand’s entire digital footprint.”

With RAD AI’s marketing platform, we deliver content that is tailored for today’s savvy audiences using machine learning (ML) and natural language technologies. An evaluation of RAD AI influencer technology was recently conducted in 10 regional NCM campaigns, with positive results seen across education, government, recruitment, and healthcare categories.

RAD AI CEO Jeremy Barnett commented, “RAD AI is proud to work closely with NCM to develop and execute authentic, effective marketing campaigns. By combining our storytelling craft with our AI platform, we work with clients to ensure that marketing campaigns resonate with customers on both a rational and emotional level. We strive to create campaigns that customers will appreciate, respond to, and never forget.”

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