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Genesys, a leading innovator in customer experience (CX) orchestration, announced that it has acquired Pointillist and Exceed.ai, enabling it to enhance its capabilities to deliver empathy throughout every customer journey as it delivers Experience as a service. It is expected that both transactions will close before the end of 2021.

Tony Bates, CEO, and Chairman of Genesys said, “Genesys is fundamentally transforming the customer and employee experience. Experience as a Service is no longer an industry vision but rather a business advantage. With our cloud platforms and ecosystem, businesses can orchestrate personalized experiences for their customers and employees in a way previously not possible.”

Genesys helps companies transform how they connect with customers and employees with Experience as a Service. Customer and employee interactions are no longer only possible through a contact center in today’s experience economy. The goal of creating meaningful experiences with the objective of fostering trust and loyalty requires the use of new technologies and artificial intelligence (AI). In this way, companies can implement more contextual, predictive, and relevant experiences at every point of contact with their customers and employees. Companies construct their customer experiences in a way that allows their customers to tolerate fragmented customer experiences across marketing, sales, and customer service. Genesys helps make customer interactions more connected, empathetic and orchestrated at scale.

In elevating the customer experience beyond the contact center, Pointillist’s AI-driven customer journey orchestration and analytics solution, and Exceed AI’s chatbot sales and marketing platform will be significant and deliberate moves, serving as force multipliers for sales cycle acceleration and customer engagement automation.

In addition to the capabilities offered by Pointillist and Exceed.ai, organizations will be able to improve listening, understanding, acting, and learning capabilities by combining these solutions with Genesys’ artificial intelligence, digital, and customer experience technology. The ultimate goal of Genesys is to give customers the right business advantage by monitoring, visualizing, and analyzing contact center data to deliver more accurate customer experiences and grow revenue and customer retention. As a result, this combination can transform isolated data across the enterprise into actionable insights and events that can be measured, tracked and analyzes in real-time.

A new platform for orchestrating customer experience and analytics, as well as enhanced conversational AI specifically designed for sales and marketing, will establish a customer-first approach. The ability to combine customer experience data to maximize success – and engage, nurture, qualify and amplify customer sales opportunities – allows brands to interact with customers at the most relevant points for them through the most effective channels.

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