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Epicor Buys Business Intelligence Platform – Grow

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Epicor has acquired Grow Inc, a Utah-based no-code full-stack business intelligence (BI) platform. The Grow platform is a self-contained solution that allows users to share their visualizations after data ingestion, preparation, and visualization. Customers can also customize their Grow instance with their company’s color scheme and logo.

That includes the two founders: Rob Nelson, CEO, and Ryan Nelson, CTO. Rob Nelson commented: “Grow helps users put their data to work, moving beyond simply knowing what is happening to understand why. We are thrilled to be joining Epicor, extending our mission to make it simple for companies to connect their data, explore it, and surface actionable insights.”

Customers include Gymshark, Everton Football Club, and Stanford University, among others. With integrations to over 150 applications, databases, and data warehouses, it reduces time to insight. Salesforce, Amazon RedShift, FreshBooks, HubSpot, and QuickBooks are among the integrations available. There does not appear to be an integration with Epicor at this time.

Epicor did not disclose the financial terms of the transaction; however, Toba Capital, which led the Series B funding round in 2018, and long-term investor Peterson Ventures both left the company. Epicor has acquired a modern, well-known BI platform. While it will have cost millions of dollars, Epicor will be able to keep more analytics revenues to itself. Enterprise Times did ask Masterson if Epicor had considered buying Phocas, but he did not respond.

Epicor will have a comprehensive understanding of the Phocas system. It might have preferred something more modern and based in the US. It’s possible that Phocas didn’t want to sell. Last year, it raised US$34 million in a funding round. Furthermore, the price may have been excessive.

Epicor, its customers, the Grow organization, and its customers all benefit from this. For Phocas, it might not be so good. Epicor’s intentions for EDA, on the other hand, will only be revealed with time.

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