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Era Software Launches Private Beta Version of EraStreams

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Observability data management firm, EraSoftware launched the private beta version of its no-code data pipeline EraStream. The EraStream enables the clients to integrate, transform and route observability data to Era Software’s petabyte-scale log management platform EraSearch and other third-party tools.

By including more components of the observability stack, Era Software is enhancing the capability of its log management solutions. The company’s approach to observability data management tackles scaling, performance, and cost challenges associated with running applications on current architectures like cloud, containers, and microservices, using a time-series database and object storage beneath the hood.

Todd Persen, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Era Software, stated, “Our vision is to be the observability data management choice for organizations dealing with massive volumes of observability data. The unveiling of EraStreams today advances this vision with a data pipeline to help you manage observability costs and improve troubleshooting effectiveness. In addition, it gives you real-time insights into application and system performance and adds another component to our scalable, cost-effective observability data management.”

EraSearch leverages EraStream facilities to enhance performance and cost optimization and also helps teams handle observability costs and enhance the effectiveness of troubleshooting by integrating it into the existing DevOps workflow. While managing the volume of data transmitted to these tools in order to improve data use and cost efficiency, IT and security can continue to leverage the monitoring tool on which they are relying. Any logs may also be sent to EraSearch for low-cost storage and querying on a petabyte-scale.

“Today, some companies may generate over 100 terabytes of log data per day, and scale and pricing prevents many organizations from ingesting more data. With EraSearch and EraStreams, we can help you manage high volumes of data at a lower cost per GB ingested – we give you the ability to ingest and make the data queryable in real time. You should be able to find a needle in the haystack. With EraSearch and EraStreams, you can economically ingest a petabyte of log data daily with an average response time of less than 500 milliseconds,” commented Persen.

EraStreams optimizes datasets and delivers them to a SIEM for security analytics. If personally identifiable information (PII) creates a security concern, teams can cover PII in EraStreams to safeguard critical data. EraSearch’s observability data rehydration feature allows it to efficiently retrieve data. To assist teams to examine how observability data moves via pipelines, EraStreams was built with simplicity and dependability in mind. EraStreams lowers the total cost of ownership of existing log management solutions when used in conjunction with EraSearch. It uses EraSearch to store historical data for low-cost object storage and quick search and querying.

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